Connecting your brand

Atom - an online secure single sign-on portal where we have collated our services that supports and helps our customers to manage their workflows, assets, product information and in the end manages their most important asset – their brand.

Get to know our modules in Atom

Atom has a modular approach, enabling it to be customised to specific needs. Use one stand-alone module or enable multiple modules to interact with each other. Customers can start with the most important module for their requirements and add others as their needs grow. Atom is a powerful system that is fully configurable. It allows customers to collaborate, engage, take control and most of all will save time and resources so they can focus on what is important for them and their own customers.


Your tailor-made workflow management system.

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Store and manage all assets in one place.

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Easily create your marketing material online.

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Store and keep track of your product information.

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Store link and text directly to your artwork.

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Publish your printed media online and add dynamism.

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Artwork online

Empowering you to easily create artwork in minutes.

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Delivering powerful KPI´s and reports to drive your business.

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”Atoms are the centre of all matter, digital is at the centre of our business.”