Automated branding - Web to print directly
with template based graphical production

The Lito Creator is an easy to use powerful online editing solution. It enables your team to easily create customised templates for product sheets, documents, brochures, packagings and much more.
With Lito Creator anyone can quickly create products in no time!

We customize Lito Creator after your needs!

The needs are different, the advantages are many!

Anyone can use the Lito Creator. Maybe you have a chain store in need of customized products, or you are a retailer who needs to print customized ads? We all have different needs, and Lito Creator offers to create your own personal marketing in a simple way. Lito Creator can create your products automatically and without any manual handling.

Cross platform

No matter what platform you are working on, you can access Lito Creator via the Internet.


Full automated artwork generation in the background.


We will create a customizble Lito Creator portal after your needs that has an easy and user friendly interface.

Online editing tool

In your layout your can choose to work with predefined options or use our editing tool where you can create or adjust your templates direcly online, which gives you more freedom.


Lito Creator can create your output file adapted for print or web.

User customized

Choose how you want to introduce Lito Creator into your workflow, whether it is web2print, directory, producing, packaging, branding or otherwise. Lito Creator is completely customized to each end user´s specific needs.

Color control for printable PDF

With our advanced color control, we adapt the material for a all print standards around the world.


Via the API, you can communicate with Lito Creator from the other systems and websites.


By creating your own templates and documents directly on the Web so that you avoid extra costs for the other layout and assembly software licenses.

This is how Lito Creator works

  • Requirement

    Requirement is set.
  • Design

    Templates are created.
  • Development

    Portal with user rights is set.
  • Layout

    The enduser starts creating their product.
  • Order

    An order is created.
  • Delivery

    A digital delivery is sent.

Establish your requirements and start creating templates

We will help you create and set up the templates where your brand rules and guidelines is already added into the template. In our online editing tool you can create templates from scratch in the Lito Creator.

image 1
image 2

We will customize your Lito Creator Portal

Depending on your needs and the rule settings, that we together have set up, we will created an customizable and user friendly portal that all your users can easily access though the internet.

Template based grapical production - Start creating your personal product

Log into the Lito Creator, locate your template for the desired product you want to create and enter our personal information or variable data. You can also get the option of uploading an item list that will be used for the creation of your product. We can also connect to a PIM-system that will supply your creation with product information when creating.

image 3
image 4

Our online editing tool gives you more freedom

If you have chosen to use our editing tool in Lito Creator, you can both design and control your information though a built-in preview, and then complete your material.

Web to print - Get full control of your brand

In Lito Creator you can create different file formats for your creation, such as different image formats, PDF, powerpoint or excel files.

image 5
image 6

Create web banners simpel and easy

Thanks to your predefined templates Lito Creator can quickly create your web banners in diffrent sizes and file formats.

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