DAM solutions simplifies asset management
- Perfect as image bank or media bank
that let´s you work from anywhere!

Lito DAM is a powerful browser based system for managing all of your digital assets and it is easy to work with, even for multiple users simultaneously.
Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) can be used as a simple archive or as a more advanced media sharing system and production management.
Connect it with incredibly useful modules so you can control your entire media production in a time-saving and effective way!

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Available around the clock

Access you content from anywhere,
from home, on travels...

Access from diffrentplatforms. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

Share easy, send links
not attachments

Share large files with hyperlinks directly from the system that is easily downloaded from the internet and do not fill your mailbox.

Rights Management
in the media bank

User rights gives you the control to limit the access to sensitive information. Users only see folders and files that they have the rights to see.

Conversion Engine

The really great thing is the conversion engine. Depending on what the image will be used for, it will be optimized when downloaded to the selected usage area.

PDF Engine

Lito DAM may also take care of the complete color management of your printable output. We work with a Secure Graphic Workflow where you upload and order printable PDF files.

Powerful search engine

Each asset in the Lito DAM gets indexed and is available in a powerful search. The Lito DAM also supports reading and writing of metadata.

Storage space for all
file formats

Create a central storage for all types of file formats such as movies, images, audio and many other file formats. It also lets you preview them directly in the Lito DAM. In addition, you also get a relation between images and documents.

Integration and

Using API, we can talk to most systems today that you want to integrate the Lito DAM with, for example a business system or a webshop.

Secure storage and

We currently handles large amounts of data, and we are extremely careful to manage the backup of all our data storage.

”A DAM system is not a luxury, rather an investment for budget-minded customers.”

Extra modules

We also offer a multible choice of extra modules for making the Lito DAM even more useful.


Metadata functionality.

PDF Engine

Production with avanced color control.


Web-based approval process.


Store, view and create movie format.


Automation and integration.

XMP is a module for Lito DAM that handles metadata features on your files.

XMP which stands for Extensible Metadata Platform, which is a rich-media format developed by Adobe that allows desktop applications to embed information about the file directly into the file.
The Lito DAM database is designed for faster retrieval of large filers and information provides the ability to create customized metadata fields. The Lito DAM reads Adobe XMP, which allows you to read and write metadata directly in our interface and makes it accessible to users around the world. Combine the Lito DAM and Adobe XMP to enhance an existing metadata workflow.

Users can work with XMP metadata directly through the Lito DAM without having to the Adobe files or other applications. Normally the metadata is used to describe current contents and/or structure of a specific data collection from any perspective.
By using metadata will make the follow-ups, interpretations, searching and sorting easier and more efficient.

But why stop there!
The XMP module together with the module "Export" makes it also possible to control and activate events and unique custom features through the metadata.

PDF Engine is a module for Lito DAM that allows the system to handle advancerad colorcontrol for all images and documents to be used in production.

PDF Engine allows you to work more smoothly and efficiently with your layout of documents and images. You gather all your projects in the Lito DAM both images, documents, fonts, PDF files etc.

One clever feature is to preview all your documents, ensuring all linked files to the documents directly in the Lito DAM. This will give you a better overview and history of the usage of your images. In the production workflow you work with your documents locally on your computer, the images are downloaded easily and with low resolutions for it to go quick and smooth in the layout. When work is complete, you upload the document to the system and then your documents is matched to the high resolution contents in the Lito DAM and it will replace the links to the original files within the Lito DAM.

The unique feature of the advanced color management for a production workflows is that you adapt the media-independent material to a large number of print standards for all earth’s continents. All separation profiles are created to maintain the same tone and balance, whether you make it for an ad for a magazine or a newspaper.

If you purchased the module "SoftProof" you have together with the PDF Engine the perfect production line that is also an efficient and an environmentally-friendly way to manage the approval process of your productions!

SoftProof is a module for Lito DAM that handles your approval process and shows proofing digitally.

With the SoftProof we simplify and shorten our production workflow further!
You can now watch high-resolution files, zoom, navigate, place the virtual notes, measure the density, look at production parameters, validate files and ‘chat’ in real time without having to use another application - all directly in one place through the web.

With the SoftProof you can view your proofs digitally instead of printing physical proof since the colors are simulated for the selected print profile as well as paper quality, it is used as proofing tool and approval management.

SoftProof is an environmentally friendly option that means you save on your negative environmental impact by saving on paper consumption and travles to comment on physical samples.

We offer in our package a SoftProof-station. Which means a computer and a calibrated monitor to experience the colors correctly, and an integration of the SoftProof software in you Lito DAM. If you have bought the module "PDF Engine", you have along with the SoftProof module the perfect production tool!

Movie is a module for Lito DAM that handles multiple movie formats and creates movies based on files in your Lito DAM.

Not only through the Lito DAM you can gather your movie formats, you can also with the module Movie manage and create your own in-house storyboards from existing files - images, layout documents, PDF files, HTML files, audio and many other file formats - to maintain control over the creative process. The module supports previews for Flash SWF, HTML and MP3 files inside the Lito DAM.

Creating your own movies saves both time and resources for the organization where you often use outside help for this type of production. Whether you’re creating a corporate presentation of your products or creating a promotional film for example, showing your services, this module is a very simple and an easy tool to use for the creative team and requires no prior knowledge of movie production.

With the existing material available via the Lito DAM, gives you greater control over costs and the time required to create movie projects without any additional editing. A variety of formats is avaliable to choose from to export your movies, such as QuickTime - MPEG-4 Part 2 (.MOV), MPEG4 - H264 (.MP4), Windows Media - WMV2.

Export is a module for Lito DAM where we can integrate your Lito DAM with other systems.

Thanks to it’s various automatic feeds you can integrate your Lito DAM with different business systems, web pages and create a more efficient workflow around the imaging.

The export workflows varies today from customer to customer. Because it is customized to each fit customer’s needs and desires.
Using so-called ´actions and triggers´, we can setup feeds that handles a variety of events automatically. If you also purchased module "XMP" then we can control various desired sequence of events via your metadata. Which gives an additional amount of extended benefits for making your workflow more efficient.

Your options are endless!

Together with us, we can evaluate your needs and find the best solutions just for you!
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