A central source for product information

Get your product information organized with Lito PIM!
PIM stands for Product Information Management and is a open source management solution for your product information. The basic idea with PIM is that there is ONE central source for all your marketing, sales and technical product information that also increases efficiency.


You have product information in several different places. You spend many hours searching and ensuring that you have the right version of your product data. You sell your products in several different channels and in several different languages, which makes it difficult to control how they are marketed and visiualised. When it comes to launching a new product, it often takes too long.

Do you recognize yourself?
A PIM can be a solution for you and your companys needs!

Often different departments of your organisation sits on different data or variants of the same data and administer this in different systems. A PIM solution is the key tool for a smooth management of all product information, accessible for anyone from anywhere.

Save costs

PIM reduces your external costs, partly because you can create graphic material yourself and update your websites directly with information from the system.

Save time

Lito PIM reduces the administration and preparation required to distribute and update information across channels. The product information is always easily accessible, structured and traceable in all channels at the same time.

Reach our faster

Lito PIM shortens your lead times and ensures that you can quickly publish product information, reduce your time-to-market and increase your revenue.

”PIM improves that customer experience while making it economical to provide high-quality product information for more products across multiple channels and more locations.”

A source of information

With Lito PIM, you can efficiently handle an ever-increasing amount of products across more channels, more languages and at the same time maintain a high level of engaging product information.


Lito PIM creates an easy export to an unlimited number of channels, such as a mobile application, website or a marketplace.


Good integration of Lito PIM with your e-commerce platform means that you free up resources. We work with Pimcore, an open source solution, which offers a cost-effective, powerful and versatile system.

Product data storage

Lito PIM provides great value if you are a trader with an omnichannel focus and need to store different types of data, such as sizes, colors and technical details.

Customizable interface

We ensure that the final solution is directly adapted to your needs and conditions.


You have full control over where your product data is used.

Lito PIM and Lito DAM- what is the difference?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) manages all digital assets that an organization controls, while Product Information Management (PIM) focuses on a products life cycle.
We recommend an integration between Lito PIM and Lito DAM. An integration means that the flow can be fully automated to create an efficient connection between the systems. Our integrations are tailored to suit each customers specific needs and wishes.


What does your PIM need look like?

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