Lito Mag makes it easier then ever to publish catalogs, brochures, magazines and other printed material on the web. Lito Mag makes your printables searchable, accessible and with a flip page functionality.

Smart features with Lito Mag


Flip pages and easy to navigate

Browse by mouse, keyboard or with your fingers on your tablet.

Search function

The search function makes it easier to find the correct page or text content.

Zoom and page overview

You have diffrent tools to use for zooming or get an overview of all pages and also select diffrent viewing modes.

Content with links

Within the publications, you can link to other websites or created download possiblities.


Converts your PDF files into HTML5 so it works both on the computer, tablet and mobile.

Reduced printing costs

You reduce your printing costs significantly by publishing printed publications on the web.

Share publication on social media

Share your publication on Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Google+ or email a link.

Example of some of our clients publications

Create beautiful flip page publications for the web with Lito Mag.

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